What is the science behind Lumosity?

Research Coming From Lumosity

We've partnered with academic researchers on various projects through our Human Cognition Project. You can review some of the researched conducted on the HCP website.

Our Head of Science, Dr. Bob Schafer Ph.D., created a video offering more information on interpreting cognitive training research, too!

We aim to provide our members with training to challenge their cognition, and we sincerely hope that our members enjoy the assortment of different games and tools we offer. Our games are based on cognitive and neuropsychological tasks, as well as new tasks designed by our in-house science team. We’re constantly researching the variety of ways cognitive training impacts people in life. Our NeuroCognitive Performance Test (or the NCPT), surveys, and both internal and external research projects help us answer these questions.

We’ve also published a video again featuring our Head of Science, Dr. Bob Schafer Ph.D., that offers a bit more information on Lumosity and everyday life. We encourage you to also check it out!

You can read about the science behind the product and our research initiatives on our Science page.

How To Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved in research with Lumosity. You can find more information by visiting our Human Cognition Project (HCP) article here. 

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