How do I pause a game?

On the website, you can pause a game by clicking the pause button below the game screen. Some of our new Math games have the pause button in the top left corner.


Once you have clicked the pause button, the game screen will turn grey and say "Your game is paused".


Some games have the pause feature disabled, since pausing could give you extra time to solve the puzzle. For example, pausing during a game of Word Bubbles Rising could potentially allow players to come up with words using the provided word stem without a time limit.

If the pause feature is enabled for a game, when you hover over the pause button, it will turn orange: Orange_pause_button.tiff

If the pause feature is disabled for a game, the pause button will remain grey:  pause_greyed_out.tiff and nothing will change on the game screen when you attempt to click on the pause button. 

To return to a paused game, you can click anywhere on the grey screen. You can also click on the Play button located on the bottom of the game screen.

If you need to start the game over, you can refresh the page.

How do I pause a game in the Lumosity app?

In the app, to pause the game, tap the pause icon (||) in the top left corner. To continue, tap Resume. If you'd like to start the game over, tap Restart. To exit the game, tap Quit. For the tutorial, tap How to Play. Exiting the app will automatically pause the game.


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