What does and doesn't sync between my web and mobile training?

As long as you use the same account info to log in on each device, all LPIs will sync automatically. However, since games on mobile and web are a bit different, this does not include game high scores. Here’s a quick list of what is synced:

  • Area and Overall LPIs
  • Your Percentile
  • Training Streaks
  • Game Levels

Your Top 5 game scores are not synced between web and mobile. Each Game LPI is determined using a normalized scale. The demographics that make up Lumosity mobile app users (iPhone, iPad, Android), and Lumosity.com users may have some variation. This affects the normalized scale and who you are being compared to on the different platforms. Additionally, the interface also plays a role, as users react differently to a touch screen as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. We consider the games on mobile and web as distinct games, with the scores and game LPIs recorded separately in your Training History. All mobile game scores sync between Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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