Can I train on my mobile device?

All of the games on our website - - are Flash based, and can only be used on a computer. However, we know that our training needs to be flexible enough to fit your lifestyle, and our Mobile Team is dedicated to building the best mobile experience for you!

We've released Lumosity Mobile: a new app for iPhones, iPads, and Android.

Make sure to log into all platforms using the same Lumosity account information.

Kindle, Windows, Blackberry and other mobile devices are not yet supported by Lumosity. We do plan to expand the Lumosity Mobile experience to these devices sometime in the future.

In the Lumosity Mobile app (for iOS and Android) you will find:

  • A fully guided training experience with daily workouts
  • A selection of Lumosity games (Only a subset of our games have been adapted for mobile use. Not all Lumosity games are available in the app)
  • Tools to track your progress (If you have a Lumosity account, your web and mobile LPI will sync automatically)

Download the iPhone app from iTunes here.

Download the iPad app from from iTunes here

Download Lumosity for Android from the Google Play store here.

If you are a subscribed member of Lumosity: web-subscribers will be given full access to everything in the mobile app. Just make sure to tap the “Already a member?” button after opening the app and then login using the email address tied to your Lumosity account.  

Please note that training session data (e.g. the games in each session and whether or not you completed the session) and game scores will NOT transfer between the iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and the website training sessions. 

If you are a free member of Lumosity:

If you already have an account with but are not subscribed, you can still login using your account. Make sure to tap the "Already a member?" button after opening the app and then login using your unsubscribed account. As an unsubscribed member, you will have access to unlimited daily workouts. You can gain full access to the app and by purchasing a subscription here or by upgrading within the app. 

If you have never registered with

Usage of our app requires a Lumosity account. If you don't have an account you can create one within our app - you can also use this account to try our web experience!

As an unsubscribed member, you will have access to one Training Session per day, consisting of three games. You can gain full access to the app by purchasing a subscription here or by upgrading within the app. 


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