How do I set Training Reminders for the web or my mobile device?

Training Reminders for the web are emails sent to you on the days and times of your choice reminding you to complete your daily web training session. Lumosity training is still completed online at, but these reminders can be a useful point of entry to the site. Training Reminders are an optional account feature that you enable and are not required to complete your training. You can go to to train at any time, even without a Training Reminder.

How to set up Training Reminder Emails

  1. Visit this page the Training Reminders settings page.
  2. Check the days of the week that you would like to receive your reminder emails, then select the time of day you would like to receive them. Morning emails get sent around 7 am, afternoon emails get sent around 1 pm, and evening emails get sent around 7 pm. Times will be dependent upon your time zone, which can be set in the Account Pages. For instructions on how to set your appropriate time zone, please refer to "How do I update my personal account information?"

On mobile devices, you can set up training reminders notifications. These are different from the Training Reminder emails you receive at the email address tied to your Lumosity account.

To set training reminders for your mobile device, tap More, and then tap Reminders. Tap the day(s) of the week that you would like to receive mobile notifications. You can also select the time of day you would like to receive notifications. These preferences will be automatically saved, so you can tap the back arrow to return to the app.

On iPhones and iPads, you will need to set up Notification options for Lumosity in your iOS Settings.

  1. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Settings and then select Notification Centers
  3. Scroll down until you see Lumosity.
  4. Tap on Lumosity and toggle on Allow Notifications.
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