How do I enter and view my mood and sleep information?

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only available at and on the Lumosity app for iOS. It is not yet available on the Lumosity app for Android.

You will be prompted to enter your mood and sleep information each time you begin a new training session. When you click the orange "Start Training" button, you will be directed to a survey page where you can enter your mood and the number of hours you slept.  See a screenshot of the survey below.


After selecting a mood and hours of sleep, click the orange "Next" button to save your entry.  These questions are optional so if you do not wish to answer them simply click the "Next" button to begin your training session.

To view an overview of your mood and sleep data, click "Your Stats" at the top of the page, in between "Home" and "Games".  

Scroll down to view graphs of your mood and sleep responses as shown in the screenshot below:


At this time we do not have a feature to compare your mood and sleep data alongside your LPI data.

Click here if you wish to change your preferences for receiving the mood and sleep survey at the beginning of your Training Sessions.

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