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Will I be charged?

posted this on July 27, 2012 16:49

Certain features on our site are free, and we cannot charge you unless you've entered payment information on our site. If you have entered payment information on our site, you may have an automatic renewal charge scheduled. To check whether you are scheduled for auto-renewal, please follow these steps...

  1. Make sure you are logged into the account in question.
  2. Click your name in the upper righthand corner of the homepage to open a dropdown menu.
  3. Choose Account
  4. Look for a "Billing Information" section.
  5. If you do NOT see a "Billing Information" section, you will not be charged.
  6. If you DO see a "Billing Information" section, you have a scheduled payment. You can cancel it by clicking "Manage Billing" then "Cancel Auto-Renewal," then confirming cancellation on the following pages. You will be asked to provide a reason for your cancellation as part of the cancellation process.


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